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Krakowska Żegluga Pasażerska

We would like to invite you for cruises on the pleasure boat “Nimfa”, “Orka” or Catamaran. Cruising with us provides unique experiences and unforgettable views of Krakow and its vicinity; it is a joy for both adults and children. We organise events upon request: tourist cruises, concerts, family and business events. We offer individual and integration cruises. A new item in the offer: NIGHT CRUISES

About Cruises

All those looking for new experiences and who appreciate a good adventure are welcome to a unique cruise along the picturesque nooks of Kraków. You will be able to admire the city from the deck of our ship, which will carry you along the Vistula River starting from the Royal Wawel Castle.

Cruises on the “Nimfa” are an excellent manner of spending free time, a fantastic adventure and a great challenge. It is a joy both for adults and children. When cruising on board the “Nimfa”, you will be able to admire the beauty of Kraków’s Jewish district Kazimierz as well as the Wawel Hill from the unusual perspective of the River Vistula. You will also see the Skałka Church, St. Catherine’s Church, the Norbertine Nunnery, the house of the Polish Pope, the Kościuszko Mound, the Camaldolese Abbey in Bielany, a dam on the Kościuszko fall, the Benedictine monastery in Tyniec and the outstanding landscapes along the Vistula trail.

We guarantee unforgettable experiences.

Artists, journalists and tourists from all over the world cruise with us – why don’t you join them?


The “Nimfa” is the oldest passenger ship still cruising the Vistula River. Its colourful history has its beginning in the 1950s and abounds with numerous cruises along the trail of Kraków’s monuments. The ship has hosted magnificent parties, concerts and events. Even now, the “Nimfa” awakens great feelings of sentiment within its former regular customers. They still come and visit the ship with their families, they bring their grandchildren and recollect the beautiful moments spent on the “Nimfa” during their youth. Sunday cruises to Tyniec became a tradition handed down to future generations and became a staple event in the agenda of families of Kraków.

The Royal Wawel Castle, the Jewish district Kazimierz, the Skałka Church, the Camaldolese Abbey in Bielany and Tyniec viewed from the deck of the “Nimfa” will instil a unique charm with your memories from Kraków.


It’s our youngest passenger ship that accommodate 40 passangers. The cruises on board the ship „Orka” are also organised in Autumn and Winter.

 We organise tourist cruises along the following routes:

1/ Wawel – Tyniec - Wawel

(three hour cruise)

from Monday to Saturday with the ship “Orka” (a ship for 40 people max.) at 3.00 p.m. with 30 min stop in Tyniec (advance bookings only), on Sundays and holidays with the ship “Nimfa” (in case of less number of passengers the cruise to Tyniec can be organised with the ship “Orka”) at 4.00 p.m. with 1 hour stop in Tyniec

During the cruise, the following monuments/ sites can be seen:

  • 1. The Wawel Hill
  • 2. Plac na Groblach
  • 3. Dębnicki Bridge
  • 4. Norbertine Nunnery
  • 5. Kościuszko Mound
  • 6. Zwierzyniecki Bridge
  • 7. Szyszko-Bohusz Villa
  • 8. Camaldolese Abbey
  • 9. Water Works
  • 10. Bielany
  • 11. Lock
  • 12. Tyniec




Ticket prices:

From Monday to Sunday :

Discount: PLN 50 (children and youth up to 12 years of age) Standard: PLN 60.00

Children up to 3 years of age – free of charge






2/ Kraków Cruises


From Monday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. every 1h 15 min. ATTENTION! CRUISE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ON ACCOUNT OF THE SHIP BEING HIRED OUT. INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT: +48 12 4220855

During the cruise, it is possible to see:

  • 1. The Wawel Hill
  • 2. Plac na Groblach
  • 3. Dębnicki Bridge
  • 4. Norbertine Nunnery
  • 5. Kościuszko Mound
  • 6. Zwierzyniecki Bridge
  • 7. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church
  • 8. Wawel Castle
  • 9. Dębniki – Manggha Centre
  • 10. Grunwaldzki Bridge
  • 11. Skałka Church
  • 12. Krzemionki
  • 13. Redemptorist Church
  • 14. Kazimierz
  • 15. J. Piułsudski Bridge
  • 16. Vistula Boulevards
  • 17.  Powstańców Śląskich Bridge
  • 18. Kotlarski Bridge
  • 19. Podgórze
  • 20. Plac Bohaterów Getta


Ticket prices:


  • discount: PLN 20.00,
  • standard: PLN 25.00

Children up to three years of age – free of charge.

There is a possibility of organising a trip to Bielany and Srebrna Góra (approx. 2 hours, ticket prices: PLN 35.00 standard and PLN 25.00 discount for over 35 passengers).




We offer catamaran cruises for individual customers. These are half hour sightseeing cruises in Krakow.

Ticket prices:

  • discount: PLN 20.00
  • standard: PLN 25.00


Maximum number of people: 12

The half hour cruises are also organised on board the “Orka” ship. (max. 40 people)


There is a possibility of renting our ships. We hold company events, integration events, night cruises, banquets, wedding receptions, special events: birthday parties and training sessions as well as exclusive cruises.

The “Nimfa”

maximum ship capacity: 200 people
Rental price
1h – from PLN 2000.00 net (8% VAT)

The “Orka”

maximum ship capacity: 40 people
Rental price
1h- from PLN 1200.00 net (8% VAT)


maximum catamaran capacit: 12 people
Rental price:


  • 1/2 h – PLN 250.00
  • 1 h – PLN 300.00
  • 2 h – PLN 500.00


The rate above depends on the time of day (tourist peak hours are between 1.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m.), number of passengers and additional requests, such as catering, artistic setting, etc. The final offer is formulated after detailed consultations with the customer. We are open to your proposals.

Persons wishing to rent the ship for individual cruises may make use of our proposed catering offer.


Our company provides services within the scope of gastronomic services for all types of special events, such as birthday parties, first communion receptions and wedding receptions, as well as company banquets and integration events. Our catering offer abounds with various proposals of Polish and European cuisine.

Information available at:
+48 530750736 or 12 422 08 55
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